We would like to make your enzyme ordering process as easy as shopping for your daily products. At EnzymesBio we are happy to help smaller laboratories and factories to use enzymes to revolutionise your next great product, so we are happy to fulfil your order even with a 1 kg minimal order. All orders will be processed with priority. Your parcel will be sent with FedEx, the delivery target is within 5-7 business days.

EnzymesBio is a specialist company for enzyme manufacturing, we provide bulk enzymes and custom solutions for you to improve your production yield and quality. Our popular enzymes include alpha amylase, protease, papain, bromelain, glucoamylase, invertase, nuclease, protease, catalase, and more

We encounter enzymes every day: they are found in detergents and cleaning products, in toothpaste, shampoos and of course in many foods. They are involved in the manufacture and processing of many products, in paper, textiles, leather and now also in the production of biofuels. Many of these areas of application have only been made possible by advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Dairy Enzymes

Dairy enzymes are involved in the coagulation of milk for the manufacture of cheese, improve the shelf life of certain cheeses, and the nutritional composition of certain kinds of milk.

Brewing Enzymes

Do you want to improve brewing efficiency and produce high-quality beer at a low cost? Our range of brewing enzymes is ideal for you and will help you produce clear consistent beer.

Distillers Enzymes

Distillers Enzymes helps fermentation performance, improve production yield. Distillers will see higher throughput, better flavour control, and more consistent product quality.

Fish Processing Enzymes

Enzymatic hydrolysis conditions are mild, less damaging to the nutritional value of proteins, easy to control the hydrolysis process, and specific enough to Localized hydrolysis of proteins.

Meat Processing Enzymes

The biological enzymolysis technology offers the advantages of a single reaction, mild reaction conditions, high reaction efficiency and no or low back reaction.

Baking Enzymes

Baking Enzymes are indispensable in bread baking. They convert the flour starch into sugars that can be used by the yeasts and break down gluten proteins and mucilage. The salt-yeast process makes use of the effect of yeast’s own enzymes.

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