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Cookie compound enzyme is a compound enzyme preparation developed by our company for the problems of high self-cracking rate, light color and short shelf life in cookie processing. It is mainly composed of amylase, protease and flavor enzyme, which can effectively improve the dough properties and enhance the quality of cookies.

The amylase in the cookie compound enzyme decomposes starch to release sugar and reduce the amount of sugar; the protease hydrolyzes protein to make the dough reduce tendon and make it have good plasticity and extensibility, keep clear and beautiful printing pattern, clear section level and uniform structure. The baked cookies are golden in color and crispy in taste, and the other enzymes work together to improve the flavor of cookies.

Product name: Biscuit compound enzyme main components: amylase, protease, etc. Product specification: compound enzyme product properties; milky white powder storage: room temperature dry and protected from light shelf life: 12 months

1、Reduce the amount of sugar and oil

Cookie improver acts on glutenous protein

After the action of biscuit improver on gluten protein, the degree of anti-hydration of sugar can be reduced, so that the amount of sugar can be reduced. And the crispness of the product will not be affected. The same principle, can also reduce the amount of fat

2、Improve the crispness of the product

The dual action of sulfite improver and protease destroys the disulfide bond and peptide bond on the glutenous protein molecule, which increases the plasticity of the dough and rearranges the severed fragments, so that the products are layered and the holes are evenly sized and dense, and the texture is loose and crispy.

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