Mannanase Feed Addition Hemicellulose Mannose Oligosaccharide Processing


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Mannanase is a group of biological enzymes extracted by deep fermentation and culture of selected excellent strains, followed by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and vacuum freeze-drying technology, mainly used for sugar processing, feed addition, extraction of mannan oligosaccharides, etc.

Mannanase can hydrolyze mannan-oligosaccharides containing β-1,4-mannoside bonds.

Mannanase can hydrolyze mannan oligosaccharides and mannopolysaccharides containing β-1,4-mannoside bonds (including mannans, galactomannans, glucomannans and other sugars) and is a hemicellulase. It also contains amylase, xylanase, cellulase, protease, pectinase and other activities.

It is soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is opaque light yellow liquid.

Product name: Mannanase

Main components: mannanase, zeatin powder Product specification: 3-5 million U/ (can be customized) Product properties: yellow powder Storage: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

1、Feed addition

Mannanase can be added to feed to promote the secretion of insulin-like growth factor IGF-I, promote protein synthesis and improve the lean meat rate. It can also eliminate the disturbance of glucose absorption by β-mannans rich in beans, and greatly improve the energy digestibility of cake meal, especially soybean meal.

2、Mannan oligosaccharide extraction

Mannan oligosaccharide is an oligosaccharide, which can promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora and improve the absorption of nutrients. Mannanase can break down mannan into mannan oligosaccharide, which is used for the mass production of mannan oligosaccharide.

3、Plant Extraction

Mannanase has a variety of hydrolytic enzyme activities, and has a significant role in processing plant hydrolysis. It can decompose starch sugar, fiber, protein, gum, etc. into small molecule state, improve the nutritional value of plants and facilitate the leaching of effective substances from plants.

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