We provide enzymes for baking and distilling, meat processing, fruit processing and starch processing. Beyond regular enzymes, we also supply scientists with in-vitro diagnostic enzymes to help humans fight disease and improve the well-being of humankind.

EnzymesBio’s goal is to simplify sourcing quality enzymes; we are happy to take small orders, make enzymes available to small labs and factories, and let you increase production efficiency and save more energy and resources for our planet.

Each quantity unit in our food and industrial enzyme category represents 1 kg. If you place an order for five units, it means 5 kg enzymes. (Please note: For diagnostic enzymes, each quantity unit represents 100ml liquid or 100 grams of powder, unless specified otherwise) Our flat international express air shipping rate is USD 39.99 per kg. We have competitive DHL and FedEx shipping rates. Please get in touch with us for bulk volume shipping rates if you want to buy more than 20 kg of enzymes.

The unique difference of EnzymesBio is that we privately own a modern production-oriented laboratory, led by our US-educated scientist Dr Cao Limin with a team of 10 supporting technicians. We produce most of the Reagent Assay Kits and Diagnostic Enzymes that sold in this enzyme store.  Learn more about EnzymesBio’s story here

We source papain, bromelain, catalase etc., from various suppliers. Because we use these regular enzymes in our laboratory on a routine basis, we have strict testing to ensure they are both high quality and cost-effective.

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