We encounter enzymes every day: they are found in detergents and cleaning products, in toothpaste, shampoos and of course in many foods. They are involved in the manufacture and processing of many products, in paper, textiles, leather and now also in the production of biofuels. Many of these areas of application have only been made possible by advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering. By origin, we offer 3 types of enzymes, they are Plant-Extract Enzymes, Microbial Enzymes and Animal Derived Enzymes.

EnzymesBio’s goal is to make sourcing quality enzymes process simplified, we are happy to take small orders and make enzymes available to small labs and factories, and let you increase production efficiency and save more energy and resources for our planet.

Despite most of our products are 25 kg/barrel or 20 kg/barrel, each quantity unit in our enzyme online store represents 1 kg. If you place an order for 5 units it means 5 kg enzymes. Our flat international express air shipping rate is USD 24.99 per kg.

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