Xylanase Enzyme For Sale (CAS Number: 9025-57-4)

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The Xylanase (CAS Number: 9025-57-4) is widely used in the baking industry and has good benefits, such as in bread or other foods. The main activity is endo-xylanase, which can cut off the soluble and non-soluble fibrous structure in araboxylan in flour to increase the loaf volume.

More About Xylanases

  • Depending on the application, there is usually appropriate xylanase or a mixture of different xylanases available to achieve the desired effects.
  • Dough handling properties · Stability · Oven spring and volume
  • Improves dough workability

Three Main Mechanisms of Xylanases

  • Reduction of the viscosity of digesta
  • Penetration of the cell wall to gain access to important nutrients
  • Preparation of prebiotic xylo-oligomers
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