Invertase Enzyme For Sale (CAS Number: 9001-57-4)

Invertase SF106

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Invertase Description

Invertase Enzyme (CAS Number: 9001-57-4) SF106 is derived through extraction and refinement from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. It can completely decompose sucrose into fructose and glucose with characteristics of high purity and specificity. It is widely used in food processing and the alcohol industry.

Invertase SF106 Characteristics

Appearancewhite to Yellowish-brown powder
EC code3.2.1.26
Optimum working pH5.0-5.5
Optimum working Temperature50-55℃

Invertase SF106 Advantages

  • In syrup industry, the conversion of sucrose to glucose and fructose facilitates the crystallization of the product and increases the sugar yield.
  • In alcohol fermentation industry, add sucrase after starch saccharification or into molasses directly increasing alcohol conversion rate.

Applications and Usage

This product could be used as the additives, ingredients, and the biocatalyzer in the fields of food, beverage, alcohol fermentation, and pharmaceutical preparation etc. 

  1. Food Industry:
    100g sucrose (dry)/0.03-0.05g Invertase powder, the optimum dosage to be determined according to the specific experiment.
  2. Ethanol Industry:  
    0.02%-0.04% (basis on the original molasses)


  • Powder, 600,000U/g
  • Sealed in aluminium foil bag with a fibre outer drum
  • Net weight: 1kg ×20 bag/ bucket
  • 20kg*1/bucket


The product if stored at 25℃ below, 12 months shelf life, if under the 4~10℃ cold storage, shelf life is 18 months; under warranty, measured activity not less marked activity. Over shelf life, enzymes may decrease, but can still be used, usage should be increased accordingly. 

The product is bio-active substances, so sunlight, temperature, and humidity can cause inactivation of enzymes. Therefore, should transport and store in cool dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Warehouses should be maintained in a clean, cool, and dry.


  1. The product is bio-active substances, inhalation of dust or aerosols may induce sensitization and may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. Unnecessary contact with the product and inhalation of dust should be avoided.
  2. In case of contact with the eyes or skin, promptly rinse with the affected area with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.