Enzymes.Bio is a new platform for small biotech companies, laboratories and universities to buy their enzymes. Don’t save money only, save time too! We ship high-quality enzymes to worldwide destinations.

The following screenshots are showing some of our orders’ delivery timeframes. If you are a first-time buyer, please give us a try,

This client is a private biosciences company founded in 2021.
FedEx delivery took 7 calendar dates, sent on Dec 06, 2021, received on Dec 13, 2021

Enzyme FedEx Tracking - Mr Lou

This client is in the oral health industry, their products and ideas help people in more than 70 countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Turkey to be healthy, confident, to communicate easily and to enjoy life. The enzyme product was sent to the client’s Cambridge research centre.

FedEx delivery took 8 calendar dates, sent on Nov 22, 2021, received on Nov 29, 2021Enzyme Delivery

This Italian client is an innovated biotech company whose new technologies, products and services are based on genomics and molecular biology, their end clients are vets, farming and health industries.

FedEx delivery took 9 calendar dates, sent on Nov 18, 2021, received on Nov 26, 2021

Italian Client Enzyme Parcel by FedEx


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