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Derived from the fermentation products of Aspergillus niger, the phytase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of phytic acid(myo-inositol hexakisphosphate) an indigestible, organic form of phosphorus that is found in grains and oilseeds and releases a usable form of inorganic phosphorus.


Physical AppearanceWhite GranuleWhite Powder
*Activity: U/g5000-10000200000
Density: mesh size60-80100-120
High temperature resistance83℃No
Effective pH3.5-7.5
Effective Temperature35℃-65℃
Loss on Dry≤10%
Physical AppearanceWhite GranuleYellow Powder
*Activity: U/g5000~1000010000~40000
Density: mesh size60-8060-80
High temperature resistanceNoNo
Effective pH3.5-7.5
Effective Temperature35℃-65℃
Loss on Dry≤10%

*Activity: One activity unit of phytase is the amount of enzyme, which liberates 1 μmol of inorganic phosphorus  from 0.005mol/L sodium phytate(SIGMA, P-3168) in one minute at 37℃and pH5.0.


  • Hydrolyze phytate in feed, release digestible phosphorus, increase the utilization of phosphorus in feed;
  • Reduce the amount of supplemental inorganic P, decrease the feed cost, save space of formula;
  • Decrease the excretion of P in manure and the environment pollution;
  • Improve the availability of nutrients such as minerals and proteins, improve the animal performance;
  • Cut down the risk of the heavy metals by supplemental di-calcium phosphate.


Phytase application can reduce phosphorus excretion by up to 50%, a feat that would contribute significantly toward environmental protection. Furthermore, phytase supplementation leads to improved availability of minerals and trace elements. In addition to its major application in animal nutrition, phytase is also used for processing of human food. Research in this field focuses on better mineral absorption and technical improvement of food processing.


Table 1  Dosage Recommended in Complete Feeds

AnimalPhytase(U/ton)Quantity of Substitued CaHPO4(Kg/ton)
Laying hens300,0008.5-9.2
Laying Duck500,0009.0-12.0
Broiler/Meet duck500,0006.0-8.5

Table 2  Matrix values of phytase 5000

 Laying hensLaying DuckBroiler/Meet duckSwine
DE, Mcal/kg530530530120
CP, %2250225022002000
Lysine, %10010010075
Calcium, %1700175010001150
Available P, %1900210010001000
Total P, %2300250011801200


Solid: sealed in plastic inner bag, with a fabric outer bag, net weight 25kg/bag


Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored below 25℃in original sealed package, activity of solid enzyme remains stable for a period of up to 12 months.


The enzyme preparation may irritate the skin and eyes. The dust may cause sensitization when inhaled. Please take precautions to avoid direct contact with the product. Rinsing thoroughly with copious amount of water in case of contacted with the skin or eyes, Seek medical advice if lung irritation occurs.

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