Cellulase Powder 20,000 U/g Food Grade Cellulase Enzyme CAS 9012-54-8


CAS No.:9012-54-8
Other Names:Cellulase Enzyme
Type:Enzyme Preparations
Product name:Best Price Cellulase Powder Food Grade Cellulase Enzyme CAS 9012-54-8
Appearance:light brown powder
Shelf life:2 Years

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Product Data Sheet

Product Description

What is Cellulase Enzyme?

Cellulase enzyme powder is made from the strain of Trichoderma release through the cultivation and extraction technique. This product can be used for feedstuff, brewing, grain processing, treatment of textiles with cotton, hemp, stick gum, or yarn as plus material and Lyocell fabric. It can also be used for the stonewash of jean garments together with pumice, or solely used for the ferment washing of different styles of jean fabric.

Product Name Best Price Cellulase Powder Food Grade Cellulase Enzyme CAS 9012-54-8
Specification 20,000 U/g
Appearance Light Brown Powder
CAS NO 9012-54-8
Molecular Weight 504.437
Shelf Life 24 Months

Using Effects

Function 1. The effect of the snowflake, stereoscopic, and color brightness can be further improved. 2. Less damage to garment/less wear on machines/less pumice dust. 3. Reducing environmental impact during the stone washing process. 4. Gives the fabric a much lower pilling tendency. 5. A softer, smoother feel and superior color brightness. 6. Improve the water absorptivity and fabric drape coefficient. Application 1. Cellulase Enzyme Food Grade is used for flocculent cephalin cholesterol test, vitamin D hormone drugs such as raw materials and biochemical research; 2. Cellulase Enzyme Food Grade is used as a biochemical reagent and emulsifier, etc. 3. Cellulase Enzyme Food Grade Is the important raw material for manufacturing hormones, and can be used as an emulsifier; Analysis is also used as a reference substance. 4. Cellulase Enzyme Food Grade can be used as an emulsifier, artificial bezoar vitamin D LCD synthetic hormones of raw materials, used for biochemical research.

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