Alkaline Protease Powder Protease Enzyme Detergent Alkaline Protease 100,000u/g


CAS No.:9014-01-1
Other Names:Alkaline Proteinase
EINECS No.:232-752-2
Type:Enzyme Preparations
Brand Name:EnzymesBio
Model Number:SY- Alkaline Protease Powder
Product Name:Alkaline Protease Powder
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Active Ingredient:Alkaline Protease
Specification:100 000u/g
Shelf Life:2 Years Proper Storage
Test Method:HPLC
Storage:Cool Dry Place

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Product Description

Product Name Alkaline Protease Powder
CAS No. 9014-01-1
Test Method HPLC
Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Active Ingredients Alkaline Protease
Specification 100 000u/g
Shelf Life 2 Years Proper Storage
Grade Food & Pharmaceutical
Package Bottle, Drum, Aluminum Foil Bag
Storage Store in cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Function & Application

* Meat protein hydrolysis: production of meat flavors; * Yeast extract: improvement in production efficiency and yield; * Collagen extraction: for example, from fish scale or fish skin; * Feed and pet food: ease of production process, efficiency improvement, more aroma, and production of phagostimulant; * Chondroitin sulfate extraction: efficient hydrolysis of raw material to liberate chondroitin sulfate; * Medical equipment cleaning: efficient hydrolysis of blood protein to help cleaning.

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