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Papain is a natural biological enzyme preparation extracted from the unripe pulp of papaya through bioengineering technology, mainly composed of papain, papaya rennet A, papaya rennet B, papaya peptidase B and other proteolytic enzymes, which consists of 212 amino acids and has a molecular weight of 27000.

The active center contains cysteine, and it is a sulfhydryl-containing endoprotease with protease and esterase activities. It has strong hydrolysis ability to animal and plant proteins, peptides, esters, amides, etc. Because of its high enzyme activity, good thermal stability and natural safety, it has been widely used in food, medicine and feed, daily chemical, leather and textile industries, etc.

The product has good water solubility, no odor, easily soluble in water and glycerol, the aqueous solution is colorless or light yellow, sometimes milky white, almost insoluble in organic solvents.

1,Meat tenderization

Papain can hydrolyze muscle fiber and collagen into small molecule peptide or amino acid, which can break the muscle filament and tendon filament and make the meat become tender and crisp, and at the same time more easily absorbed.

2,Beer clarification

Papain can further hydrolyze proteins in beer to produce more peptides or amino acids, making the wine more clarified and improving the taste of beer, effectively improving the quality of beer. (It is recommended to add 0.08mg/100mL of papain to beer in frozen storage process for better clarification effect)

3,Baking industry

Papain can reduce dough tenderness through hydrolysis of flour protein, which can make baked goods well formed and reduce the defective rate; meanwhile, the short peptide and amino acid from hydrolysis can improve the flavor and reduce the amount of oil and sugar through the melad reaction with sugar.

4,Spice production

Papain can be used to hydrolyze animal and plant proteins such as meat, beans, mushrooms, etc. and then used to produce chicken essence, oil, soy sauce, mushroom essence and other condiments.

5,Medicine and health care

Papain is used in pharmaceutical and health care industry, mainly used to hydrolyze some specific animal and plant proteins into peptides or amino acids, such as the production of collagen peptide, soybean peptide, amino acid oral solution, etc.

6,Feed processing

It can be added to feed to improve the nutritional value of feed and reduce feeding cost. Used in hydrolysis of meat protein scraps, hydrolysis thoroughly, can reduce the viscosity of the finished product, improve the taste, plus flavor, and produce high quality pet food.

7,Daily chemical industry

Papain is used in the daily chemical industry, there are two main ways

It is directly added to toothpaste to improve the cleaning ability, and added to facial cleanser to exfoliate. When added to skin care products, papain can easily form complexes with copper ions in melanin to reduce the formation of pigmentation.

It is used to hydrolyze proteins to produce small molecule peptide extracts, which can be used to delay aging when added to advanced skin care products.

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