Papain 80,000 U/g Liquid Beer Clarification Additive Hydrolyzed Protein Biological Enzyme


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This product is a liquid enzyme specially developed by EnzymesBio’s R&D team for beer clarification in response to the characteristics of beer brewing production process. The papain in the enzyme clear can hydrolyze most of the proteins in beer and destroy the main components that produce turbidity, preventing cold turbidity, improving the stability of beer and extending the shelf life.

The polymeric proteins in beer are one of the main causes of cloudiness, which can polymerize with polyphenolic compounds to form a hazy cloudy substance that seriously affects the appearance of beer. Enzyme Clear can hydrolyze proteins into peptides or amino acids, which not only effectively prevents cloudiness, but also effectively increases the amino acid content of wort and maintains the foaming properties of beer.

Main ingredients: papain, sorbitol Product specifications: liquid complex enzyme Product properties: brown liquid Storage: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

It can be added in the beer clear, through the decomposition of protein, can solve the low temperature caused by the protein and polyphenol material turbidity problem to extend the shelf life; added in the process of saccharification, can improve the quality of malt, improve the content of free amino nitrogen in the wort, maintain the foaminess of beer, speed up the filtration speed and will not produce bitter peptide.

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