Acid protease 100,000 Protein hydrolase Aspergillus niger Food grade protease


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Acid protease is a kind of endo-protease extracted by deep fermentation culture of selected Aspergillus niger, and then refined by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum freeze-drying technology. It is widely used in alcohol, white wine, beer, brewing, food processing, feed addition, leather processing and other industries.

Acid protease is a mixed type of aspartic acid and carboxyl protease. Under pH acidic condition, it can exert strong hydrolysis ability and decompose protein into peptide or amino acid by cutting the peptide bond of protein.

It is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is a clarified light brown liquid.

Product name: Acid protease

Main components: acid protease, glucose Product specification: 50,000-70,000 U/g (can be customized) Product properties: brownish yellow powder Storage: room temperature, dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

1、Food industry

Acid protease is commonly used as a starch improver in food processing, and the improved flour products are used in the production of bread, pastry and ham sausage, which improves the flavor and nutritional value of the products.

2、Alcohol industry

In alcohol fermentation, adding acid protease can effectively hydrolyze the proteins in the raw materials, destroy the cell wall structure between the raw material particles and improve the rate of alcohol production, while the protein hydrolysis improves the amino nitrogen in the mash, promotes the growth and reproduction of yeast, improves the fermentation speed and shortens the fermentation cycle.

3、Feed industry

Acid protease can decompose animal or plant proteins into small peptides and amino acids in a slightly acidic environment, which can supplement the shortage of homologous enzymes in animals, enhance disease resistance, improve the utilization rate of feed and reduce feed costs.

4、Textile and leather industry acidic protease in acidic conditions is beneficial to

It is an ideal enzyme preparation for fur softening, which is commonly used in leather processing, fur textile and other industries.

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