Food Grade Enzyme Neutral Protease 50 000 U/g


CAS No.:9068-59-1
Other Names:Neutral Protease
FEMA No.:/
Type:Enzyme Preparations
Brand Name:EnzymesBio
Model Number:SY-Neutral Protease
Product Name:Food Grade Enzyme Neutral Protease
Active Ingredient:Neutral Protease
Appearance:Light Brown powder
Packing:foil bag
Storage:Cool dry area keep away from strong sunlight
Shelf Life:2 Years when properly stored
Keyword:Neutral Protease

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Product Description

Product Name Food Grade Enzyme Neutral Protease
Main Ingredient Neutral Protease
CAS No 9068-59-1
Molecular Formula N/A
Formula Weight N/A
Density N/A
Color Light Brown
Specification 50000U/G
Sample Available
Application Fields Food Additive



Neutral Protease is a kind of endopeptidase which is fermented by Bacillus Subtilis. It is widely used to hydrolyze different proteins to peptides and amino acid. CHARACTERISTICS Neutral protease has excellent performance at reliable dough handling and superior baking appearance. Thanks to the strict concentration limit of microbe and heavy metal by using the biotechnology and the membrane separation technique, our cellulase can achieve food grade


1.Food industry Neutral protease can be applied in hydrolyzing proteins of plants and animals, it was widely used in meat tenderizer ,wine clarifier,stabilizer of noodle,health foods and soy sauce brewing etc.

2.Baking industry As a bioactivator in bakery industry , Neutral protease can hydrolyze the protein, reduce the paste gluten, improve plasticity and physicochemical property , make biscuit into attractive golden color, reduce sodium pyrosulfite and SO2 , it can also rectify the effect of flavor by chemical addition agent and enhance the quality .

3.Beer industry Add neutral protease for decomposing protein peptide and free amino nitrogen, especially for barley, soybeans and other plant sex protein effect obvious, used in beer production, can eliminate protein to produce “cold cloudy” phenomenon

4.Medical industry Containing neutral protease drug, can have the antiphlogistic, cholagogue, acetanilide, digestive function

5.Textile industry Use neutral protease treated wool, its resistance to strength than conventional method is high, the wool soft, contractility 0; Also can be used for the silkworm silk degumming and refining

6.Leather industry Use neutral protease can be made into depilatory, the tanning leather, depilatory clean, grain and clear, no obvious damage, pores shrink bright

7.Feed industry Join feed formula or directly with mixed feed mixed feeding, can improve the utilization rate of protein and reduce the breeding cost

8.The application of soybean protein isolated: Hydrolysis can soybean separation protein into small molecular peptide, greatly improving the soybean separation protein biological valence, make it easy for human digestion and absorption, and at the same time, but also improves the solution and to reduce the viscosity, improved the functional characteristics of soybean protein isolated


If in-taking the enriched enzyme powder or droplet, allergic may appear. Sensitivity to the skin, eyes and mucous membrane tissue is caused by long-time touch.

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