Food Grade TG Enzyme L-Glutamine Transaminase


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Glutamine transglutaminase (TGase), also known as transglutaminase, is a catalytic protein acyltransferase consisting of 331 amino acids with a molecular weight of about 38,000, which is extracted from selected Streptomyces maurophyticus in deep fermentation culture, followed by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum freeze-drying techniques.

The action principle of glutamine transaminase (TG enzyme) is to catalyze the formation of kind of ε- (r-glutamyl) lysyl covalent bond between protein molecules, which is difficult to break under general non-enzymatic catalytic conditions, and can make protein molecules more tightly bound together so as to improve the structure and function of proteins, and has significant effect on improving protein properties such as: foaming, emulsification stability, thermal stability, water retention and gelation ability, which in turn improves the flavor, taste, texture and appearance of food.

The product is easily soluble in water and the aqueous solution is clarified or egg white colored liquid.

Product name: Glutamine aminotransferase (TG enzyme) Main components: Glutamine aminotransferase, glucose Product specification: 80-120U/g Product properties: white to milk yellow powder Storage: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

(Tg enzyme has various models according to different applications, please contact customer service for details)

1、Meat bonding

TG enzyme can catalyze the cross-linking between protein molecules to bond meat proteins, and after using this enzyme to treat minced meat, it will not fall apart after freezing, slicing and cooking, and is commonly used in the processing of fatty beef and lamb rolls and steaks.

2、Hot dog and ham sausage

TG enzyme can not only bond ground meat together, but also cross-link various non-meat proteins to meat proteins, which can obviously improve the taste, flavor and organization of meat products, such as processing corn dog sausage, mushroom ham sausage and other ham foods, which can increase its elasticity and crispness and improve the texture of ham sausage.

3、Processing of fish balls and meatballs

TG enzyme can also be used in the processing of fish balls and meatballs to promote the filling of buns and dumplings, and the meatballs processed with TG enzyme have good elasticity, and the buns and dumplings are well formed and have good taste.

4、Dairy products processing

TG enzyme can replace stabilizer for yogurt processing, improve the viscosity of stirred yogurt, improve the coagulation strength of solidified yogurt, strong shaking without dispersion, and facilitate transportation. It can also reduce the precipitation of whey and improve the water holding capacity of dairy products. It can be used in cheese processing to increase the yield of cheese.

5、Food improvement

TG enzyme can also be used to improve the texture of food and increase the nutritional value of protein. It can covalently cross-link certain essential amino acids (such as lysine) to proteins to prevent the destruction of amino acids by the Merad reaction, thus improving the nutritional value of proteins. It can also introduce the lacking amino acids into proteins with unsatisfactory amino acid composition.

6、Other food processing

After the casein cross-linked by TGase is dehydrated, a heat-resistant and water-resistant film can be obtained, which can be decomposed by pancreatic rennet and is an edible film that can be used as a food packaging material. In addition, TG enzymes have some unique properties. After TG enzyme treatment, proteins do not require heat treatment during gel formation, which improves the elasticity and water-holding capacity of foods; they can also be used to encapsulate lipids or fat-soluble substances.

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