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Collagenase is a compound enzyme specially developed by Pangborn’s R&D team for the enzymatic hydrolysis of animal skin glue. It can hydrolyze gelatin protein into oligopeptides with an average molecular weight of 2000-6000 daltons, mainly used for the hydrolysis of animal gelatin, collagen, skin and bone.

Collagenase is a complex enzyme containing many kinds of proteases, which mainly acts on protein peptide and can break the helical structure chain of collagen into single a chain with three ends and continue to promote the degradation of single long chain into oligopeptide. It has the characteristics of complete hydrolysis, high protein conversion rate, no bitter taste, narrow molecular weight distribution of hydrolysate, easy to filter and extract.

Soluble in water, the aqueous solution is gray-yellow opaque liquid.

Product name: collagenase main components: protease, glucose product specifications: complex enzyme product properties; light yellow solid powder storage: room temperature dry and protected from light storage shelf life: 12 months

Collagen processing

The collagen hydrolysis method has the characteristics of pure natural, safe and non-toxic, high degree of hydrolysis compared to acid-base method. It is suitable for the processing of collagen-rich raw materials such as fish skin, fish scale, cow skin bone, pig skin bone, etc. Produce collagen powder or collagen peptide for use in nutritional functional foods.

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