High Concentrate Food Additive Grade Supplement Price Enzyme Powder Lipase for Bread Cheese


CAS No.:9001-62-1
Other Names:4-Bromobiphenyl
FEMA No.:/
Type:Enzyme Preparations
Brand Name:EnzymesBio
Model Number:SY- Lipase
Product Name:Food Grade Supplement Price Enzyme Powder Lipase for Bread Cheese
Active Ingredient:Lipase
Appearance:Off-White powder
Packing:foil bag
Storage:Cool dry area keep away from strong sunlight
Shelf Life:2 Years when properly stored

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Product Description

Product Name

Food Additive Grade Supplement Price Enzyme Powder Lipase for Bread Cheese

Main Ingredient



Food processing such as bread, baking, flour quality improvement and animal gelatin degreasing



Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



1.4±0.1 g/cm3







Application Fields

Food Additive 

Using Effects

1. Flour improving agent: lipase enzyme has satisfactory emulsifiability. It can effectively improve quality of all kinds of flour, like magnifying loaf volume,optimizing gluten matrix to make it exquisite and make mouthfeel better, slow down evaporating of moisture around crust, prolongs its shelf life, improve smooth finish and whiteness of noodles and make a better flexibility and mouthfeel, improve internal construction of steamed buns and promote quality performance of velvety and brilliant crust and great tasting, promote. 2. Tanning industry: lipase enzyme can catalyze lipids in leather hydrolyzation, decrease the using amount of chemical materials and environmental pollution. It can make degreasing and dyeing more even, make the soaking process more rapid and even. It will decrease expansion during soaking in lime process, which is beneficial to dispersing of lime and sodium sulfide. It makes the softening process more gentle and even. These effects bring up performances like smooth surface and clean grain flat, enhanced flexibility and intensity, higher gain rate of leather. The collagenous fiber is protected and the using effects more clear and safe. Habio lipase can be widely applied in tanning prepare workshop section, like degreasing, soaking, soaking in lime process, softening, etc. Meanwhile, it can be used in conjunction with protease according to different process requirement. 3. Other industries: lipase enzyme can catalyze lipids hydrolyzation efficiently. It also can be used in dairy food, liquor flavor enhancers, producing lipids into fatty acid and glycerine, petrochemical engineering, cleaning medical equipment, washing greasy dirt, deinking waste paper, etc. to meet different processing. 1) Lipase can be used to enhance the flavor of cheese products. 2) Lipase can make food form special milk flavor. 3) As a seasoning agent, lipase can be used to produce all kinds of flavor ester. 4) Lipase improves nutritional value and increases varieties of designs of edible oil. 5) Lipase can also be used for alcohol to the turbidity of slag, improve the quality of bread, improve protein foam, etc Recommended dosage:1.0g-3.0g/100kg flour(10-30ppm).

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