Lipase Enzyme Powder CAS 100,000u/g


Appearance: powder
Colour: Light yellow
Activity: 100,000u/g
Odour: Normal fermentation odour
Temperature: 30℃-50℃,Optimum35℃-45℃
pH: 4.0~12.0, Optimum 8.0-9.0

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Food grade powder lipase enzyme


Lipase is produced by submerged fermentation of Aspergillus niger followed by purification and formulation. The product has efficient hydrolytic activity within a wide range of temperature (30℃-50℃) and at neutral to alkaline pH conditions. It can also be used for leather processing, feed, papermaking, detergent, biodiesel and in other industries.


Lipase is a kind of serine hydrolase which can catalyze hydrolysis of triglyceride to finally produce Glycerol and fatty acids.The hydrolysis takes place on oil-water interface. Lipase can also catalyze ester synthesis and interesterification. The reactions can be illustrated as the following:


The product complies with GB1886.174.

1 Particle size (%<40 mesh) ≥80
2 Loss on drying/(%) ≤8.0
3 Lead/(mg/kg) ≤5.0
4 Arsenic/(mg/kg) ≤3.0
5 Total viable count/(CFU/g) ≤50000
6 Coliform Bacteria/(CFU/g) ≤30
7 Escherichia coli (CFU/g) <10
(MPN/g) ≤3.0
8 Salmonella/(25g) Not Detected


Baking industry Lipase is beneficial to dough handling properties, gluten strengthening and crumb texture. Therefore, it has been used in baking industry to improve dough stability, better crumb structure with better whiteness and crust luster, and increase volume of bread and steamed bun. It also makes steamed bun look whiter and shinier.

If used together with xylanase, fungal α-amylase and glucose oxidase, it will contribute to the above improvements in a synergistic way.

Leather processing Lipase is normally used for degreasing and softening of leather as an ecofriendly solution, bringing benefits of even and efficient degreasing without unwanted effect, reducing the use of chemicals under mild condition and increasing yield while improving quality of leather.

The best performance can be obtained during softening when lipase is used jointly with alkaline protease in terms of less wrinkles and yield loss.

Feed industry When lipase is added into the feed, it can release the short chain fatty acids and improve the utilization of raw materials while improving feed flavor.

Papermaking industry Lipase has been successfully used for pitch control during mechanical pulping and deinking of used paper with remarkable effects.


The recommended dosage is 0.01-0.5kg/t DS. The dosage has to be optimized based on each application, the raw material specifications, product expectation and processing parameters. It is better to begin the test with the convenient volume.


Package:1kg per bag

Storage: Keep sealed in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Slight sedimentation is acceptable since it will not impact performance of the product.

Shelf life: 12 months in a dry and cool place

HALAL Certified.

Valid from 2019-07-23 until 2021-06-23




4.0~12.0, Optimum 8.0-9.0




Light yellow


Normal fermentation odour

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