Plant Proteolytic Enzyme Wheat Gluten Flour Special Enzyme for Corn and Rice Hydrolysis


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Plant protein hydrolase is a special compound enzyme preparation for the hydrolysis of plant proteins such as corn and wheat by Pangborn's R&D team. It is mainly composed of protein endonuclease, protein exonuclease and flavor enzyme, etc. It has wide application in plant protein food processing. It is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is gray-yellow opaque liquid.

Plant protein hydrolase cuts the peptide chain inside the protein from the middle by endonuclease and releases the amino acid from the end of the peptide chain by exonuclease, the hydrolysis product contains good balance of amino acid, while flavor enzyme improves the flavor of bitter peptide, making it have light flavor, no bitterness and light taste.

Product name: Plant protein hydrolase

Main ingredients: Protease, maltodextrin (excipients) Product specification: special compound enzyme Product properties: grey dumpling color powder not yet Storage: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

1、Health food

Plant peptide is easy to digest and absorb, can quickly supply nutrition to the body, and low fat, which meets the needs of modern nutrition products.

2、Fermentation industry

Plant protein fermentation depends on the enzymes secreted by strains of bacteria to decompose protein to produce amino acids and peptides, and then produce complex biochemical reactions Protein enzymes are purified from microorganisms and added in fermentation, which can shorten fermentation time and improve flavor, applied to fermented foods such as flavored vinegar, soy sauce and sauces.

3、Application of skin care products

Large molecule protein can not be absorbed by the pores, thus skin care products, the introduction of small molecule peptide skin care products, plant protein hydrolase can be used to enzymatically dissolve the protein in plant raw materials into small molecule peptides, used in skin care products added to promote its beauty benefits.

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