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Yeast Extractase is a compound enzyme specially developed by EnzymesBio team for the production process characteristics of enzymatic hydrolysis of yeast. It can hydrolyze yeast proteins into amino acids, peptides, small molecule proteins, nucleotides, sugars, vitamins and flavor compounds.

Glutamine transaminase (TGase) works by catalyzing the formation of species- (r-glutamyl) lysyl covalent bonds between protein molecules, which are difficult to break under normal non-enzymatic catalytic conditions, and enables protein molecules to be more tightly bound together. It can improve the structure and function of proteins, and has a significant effect on improving the properties of proteins such as foaming, emulsion stability, heat stability, water retention and gelation ability, which in turn improves the flavor, taste, texture and appearance of food.

The product is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is gray-yellow opaque liquid.

Product name: Yeast Extractase

Main components: Protease complex, glucose Product specification: Hydrolysis type complex enzyme Product properties; light yellow powder Storage method: room temperature dry and protected from light Storage shelf life: 12 months

1、Yeast extract production

Yeast extract enzyme can rehydrolyze beer waste yeast, bread waste yeast yeast, etc. The resulting yeast extract (yeast extract or yeast flavoring) has the function of increasing freshness, aroma and giving food a sense of mellow, etc. It is widely used in soups, sauces and dressings.

2、Casual food

Many casual foods in the market, such as spicy small fish, pickled pepper phoenix claws, salt chicken legs, etc., use yeast extract as flavoring agent when processing, which can effectively make the product flavor and taste thick, and improve product quality.

3、Sauce processing

The use of yeast protein saves the cost of raw materials, enzymatic hydrolysis of yeast also avoids the autolysis method of long production time, low yield and acid hydrolysis of poor flavor, high salt content, nutritional loss and other shortcomings in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have generally used yeast extract to replace meat hydrolysis or replace MSG as a daily condiment and as a nutritional filler in beef paste

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