Glucoamylase 200,000 U/g Starch Saccharification Fermentation Saccharification Enzyme


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Glycosylase is an exocytotic starch hydrolase extracted by deep fermentation culture of selected Aspergillus niger, followed by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum freeze-drying technology. Glycosylase can make starch liquefy rapidly into low molecular dextrin, which is used in brewing, starch sugar, monosodium glutamate, antimicrobial agent, citric acid and other industries.

The main function of glycosylase is to hydrolyze the a1,4 glycosidic bond from the non-reducing end of the carbon chain of starch, dextrin, glycogen, etc., and cut off each glucose unit, and for branched starch, it can also hydrolyze the a-1,6 glycosidic bond when it meets the branching point, thus hydrolyzing all the branched starch into glucose.

It is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is clear and clarified liquid, almost insoluble in ethanol, chloroform and ether.

Product name: Glycosylase

Main components: glycosylase, glucose Product specification: 100-70 million U/g (can be customized) Product properties: light brown powder Storage: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

1、Sugar production

Glycosylase can be used in the processing of starch sugar to quickly decompose the a-1,4 glycosides of starch, and also has an active role in a-1,6 and a-1,3 glycosidic bonds, commonly used in the production of glucose, caramel, fructose and other sugars

2、Brewing industry

Wine brewing usually uses starch as raw material, and generally uses currant as saccharifying agent, which is a common problem in terms of high production cost and low yield. The use of saccharomyces cerevisiae instead of part of the qu, can improve the rate of wine, reduce production costs, has been used by many wine processing enterprises.

3、Fermentation industry

Glycosylase can be used for the fermentation of various antibiotics, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins using glucose as the fermentation medium; in short, it can be applied to any industry where enzymatic hydrolysis of starch and dextrin is necessary.

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