Mannanase Enzyme For Animal Feed Additives ≥10000u/g


Type: Nutrizyme MN10
Appearance: powder
Colour: Yellowish
Activity: ≥10000u/g
Odour: Normal fermentation odour
Temperature: 30-85°C
pH: Stable 3.5-7.0, optimum 4.0-6.0

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Product Description

Manase enzymes for animal feed additives


The β-mannanase [EC] is a highly concentrated thermostableβ-mannanase preparation produced by submerged fermentation of Bacillus lentus followed by purification and formulation. Mannan widely exists in plant materials of feed, especially in palm kernel meal, soybean meal, and sesame meal, etc., which causes the viscosity of chyme and retard the digestion and absorption of nutrients and so on. β-Mannanase belongs to the family of hemicellulose hydrolase that splits β-1,4-glycosidic bond in β-mannan, galactomannan and gluco-mannan producing mannose oligosaccharides and mannose. Meanwhile, it removes anti-nutritional effects of mannan and reduces chyme viscosity.


Items Standard
Appearance Powder
Colour* Light yellow
Odour Slight fermentation odour
Activity** 3, 000 u/g~25,000 u/g

*Color can vary from batch to batch. Color intensity is not an indication of enzyme activity. **1 unit of β-mannanase equals to the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes 3mg/ml mannan solution to get 1μmol reducing sugar(mannose basis) in 1min (u), at 37℃ and pH5.5.


Used for completed feed Dosage: (g/MT of completed feed)
≥3,000 u/g 15~30
≥10,000 u/g 3~8
≥25,000 u/g 2~4
 Dilute the product before use.


As a feed additive, it can improve feed utilization and animal growth performance.

1. Degrade mannan in feed, eliminate anti-nutritional factors of mannan, and increase the feed digestibility; 2. Disrupt plant cell wall, release the nutrients, and increase nutrient digestion and utilization; 3. Reduce viscosity of chyme in digestive tract, promote nutrient digestion and absorption in intestine; 4. The mannose oligosaccharides produced improve intestinal microflora and regulate the immune system; 5. Enhance animal performance and reduce the cost of feed production. 6. Reduce the nutrients in the animal excrement, improve the animal house environmental sanitation.


* Package:25kg/bag * Storage: Keep sealed in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight. * Shelf life: 12 months in a dry and cool place (20℃).




Stable 3.5-7.0, optimum 4.0-6.0






Normal fermentation odour

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