Acid Protease For Breaking The Protein Down On Tobacco-leaves


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Neutral protease enzyme for tobacco industry

Acid protease is a fine strain of aspergillus Niger through liquid deep fermentation, ultrafiltration and other processes refined, it can be in low PH conditions, through the internal and external cutting action to hydrolyze protein intosmall peptides and amino acids, preferential cutting ends are aromatic or hydrophobic amino acid residues between the peptide bond.


Production Organism Aspergillus Niger
Physical Form Powder
Color Snuff color ,Color can vary from batch to batch. Color intensity is not an indication of enzyme activity
Odour Normal microbial fermentation odour.


ITEMS Lower Limit Upper Limit
lead 5 mg/kg
Arsenic 3 mg/kg
Total viable count 50,000CFU/g
Coliform Bacteria 30 CFU/g
Escherichia coli 10 CFU/g 3 MPN/g
Salmonella Not Detected/25g

Product advantage

1.Adding acid protease to decompose the protein in tobacco leaves can reduce the burning quality of tobacco, reduce the pungency, irritant and bitter taste, and improve the grade of tobacco leaves.

2.It can effectively enrich the aroma of tobacco, improve the texture of smoking, and reduce the inherent flavor of cokeand miscellaneous gas, so that the aroma permeability is better, and can coordinate the smoke temperament, reduce the flavor of coke.

3.The internal chemical composition of tobacco leaves is more harmonious and the sensory quality of tobacco leaves is improved.

Application Method

1.The recommended dosage is 50-300g of enzyme per ton of raw material.Smoke the stem of tobacco leaves and tear them into sheets;Weigh a certain amount of protease to prepare a certain concentration of solution.

2.According to thesetting of applying amount, a certain amount of enzyme preparation solution was measured and sprayed evenly on the experimental tobacco leaves with self-made feeding equipment. The tobacco leaves were put into a constant temperature and humidity chamber for enzymatic hydrolysis under the set experimental conditions.

3.After treatment, tobacco leaves were inactivated at 120℃, sliced andset aside.Due to the difference of application field and raw material composition and process parameters of each factory, the actual adding mode and adding amount of this product should be determined by test.

Package and storage

* Package:25kgs/drum; 1,125kgs/drum. * Storage: Keep sealed in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight. * Shelf life: 12 months in a dry and cool place.


Enzyme preparations are proteins, which may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. Prolonged contact may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or nasal mucosa, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, consult a doctor.

Other Names

acid proteinase



Place of Origin

Ningxia, China








Snuff color

Brand Name



Enzyme Preparations




2.5~6.0, Optimum 2.5-4.0




Normal microbial fermentation odour

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