Pure Natural Glucose Oxidase Powder 10000u/g CAS 9001-37-0 Food Grade Glucose Oxidase Enzyme


CAS No.:9001-37-0
Other Names:Glucose Oxidase
EINECS No.:232-601-0
Type:Enzyme Preparations
Brand Name:EnzymesBio
Model Number:SY-Glucose Oxidase
Product Name:Glucose Oxidase
Active Ingredient:Glucose Oxidase
Appearance:White Powder
Shelf Life:24 Months
Storage:Cool Dry Place
Grade:Food Grade

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Product Description

Product Name Glucose Oxidase
Active Ingredient Glucose Oxidase
CAS NO. 9001-37-0
Appearance White Powder
Specification 10000u/g
Shelf Life 24 Months
Grade Food & Pharmaceutic
Package Bottle, Drum, Aluminum Foil Bag
Storage Store in cool and dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Sample Available
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Port Tianjin Port, Shanghai Port, Qingdao Port, etc.


In the process of juice and vegetable, the recommend dosage is 0.3-1.0kg pectase /ton dry raw material. The solution of raw material should be adjusted to optimum range about the temperature and PH. Before adding this enzyme. The needed temperature and PH should maintain during the processing of enzyme.


1. Role of glucose oxidase in wheat flour Glucose oxidase can be converted into glucose by the presence of oxygen in the presence of oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide. So as to enhance the strength of gluten. To improve dough extension and increase the volume of bread. In the production of noodles, glucose oxidase is a good protein network structure, which can increase the strength of the noodles.

2. Role of glucose oxidase in medical diagnosis A reagent for blood sugar content measurement.

3. Role of glucose oxidase in the preservation of animal products Preservation of precious products, non-toxic and no residue, increase the taste of fresh.

4. Role of glucose oxidase in animal breeding Remove the body, especially intestinal pathogenic factors, intestinal environment optimization, improve appetite, increase feed intake, and replace antibiotics and probiotics. Protect the immune system, enhance the function of the liver, reduce the drug residues in animals, improve the quality of the animal products.

5. Role of glucose oxidase in the prevention and treatment of animal diseases It can quickly relieve the toxin, especially the mold toxin. As a doctor, to profit, health products use in aquaculture, significant benefits.

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