Feed Grade Keratinase Enzymes Powder


CAS No.:9014-01-1
Other Names:Keratinase
EINECS No.:232-752-2
Type:Feed Grade Enzymes
Efficacy:Promote Healthy & Growth
Brand Name:EnzymesBio
Model Number:SY- Keratinase
Product Name:Keratinase Enzymes
Active Ingredients:Keratinase
Appearance:Off-White Powder
Activity:100,000 U/g, 200,000 U/g
Application:Promote Healthy & Growth
Shelf Life:24 Months
Grade:Feed Grade

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Feed Grade Keratinase Enzymes Powder

Product Description

Basic Information
Product Name Keratinase Enzymes
Active Ingredients Keratinase
Activity 100,000 U/g, 200,000 U/g
Optimum pH 11(10.5-11.5)
Valid pH range 6.0-12
Appearance White Powder
Optimum temperature 60°C (50-60)
Odor&Taste Characteristic
Physical Characteristics
 Moisture ≤4%
 Ash Content ≤5%
 Salmonella NO
Microbiological Assay
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g
Salmonella NO
E.coli NO
Packing 1kg/bag 25kg/Drum
Shipping Below 300kg By Air, Above 300kg By Sea
Storage Placed in a cool and dry place, avoid light and high-temperature
Shelf Life 24months
Sample 10-20g free sample

Health Benefits of Keratinase Enzymes

1. Supplement the deficiency of endo-protease for an animal.

2. Increase protein digestibility in animal feed and reduce the dosage of protein in feed formula.

3. Decrease the difference of feedstuff from a different area and stabilize production performance.

4. Protect the environment and lessen pollution from nitrogen.

5. Develop out some new feedstuff e.g hydrolyzing feather meal, soybean meal, and blood plasma powder.


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