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Soybean meal hydrolase is a special compound enzyme preparation for soybean meal protein hydrolysis. It is mainly composed of endonuclease, exonuclease and flavourzyme, which is widely used in soybean protein food processing. Soluble in water, the water solution is a grayish yellow opaque liquid

Soybean meal hydrolase cuts off the inner peptide chain of protein from the middle by endonuclease and releases amino acids from the end of polypeptide chain by exonuclease. The amino acid balance of hydrolysate is good, and flavourzyme improves the flavor of soybean protein peptide to make it have light bean flavor, no bitterness and light taste.

Soluble in water, the water solution is gray brown opaque liquid.

Product Name: soybean meal hydrolase

Main ingredients: protease, maltodextrin (accessories) product specification: special composite enzyme product properties; Gray rice dumpling toner not preserved: dry at room temperature, dark storage, shelf life: 12 months

1. Health food

Soybean peptide is easy to digest and absorb, can quickly supply energy to the body, no protein denaturation, no residue, low viscosity of liquid and no coagulation when heated. It can be used in the field of solid drinks and health food.

2. Feed processing

Soybean meal treated by soybean meal hydrolase can be used in feed processing to promote nutrient absorption of feed, reduce animal diarrhea, improve feed utilization rate and save cost

3. Medium and fertilizer

Some soybean meal or miscellaneous meal can be used in the production of fertilizer and culture medium. By using soybean meal hydrolase to treat raw materials, peptides and amino acids are obtained, which are very high-quality organic fertilizer.

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