Soybean Polypeptide Hydrolase Soybean Plant Protein Hydrolase Food Grade Biological Complex Enzyme Preparation


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Soybean peptide hydrolase is a special compound enzyme preparation for soybean isolate protein hydrolysis by EnzymesBio R&D team. It is mainly composed of protein endonuclease, protein exonuclease and flavor enzyme, etc. It has wide application in plant protein food processing. It is soluble in water and the aqueous solution is gray-yellow opaque liquid.

Soybean peptide hydrolase cuts the internal peptide chain of protein from the middle by endonuclease and releases amino acid from the end of peptide chain by exonuclease, the amino acid contained in the hydrolysis product has good flatness, and the flavor enzyme improves the flavor of soybean protein peptide, making it have light soybean flavor, no bitterness and light taste.

Product name: Soybean peptide hydrolase

Main ingredients: Protease, maltodextrin (excipients) Product specification: special compound enzyme Product properties: grey dumpling color powder not stored: room temperature dry and protected from light Shelf life: 12 months

1、Health food

Soybean peptide has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, rapid supply of body energy, no protein denaturation, no residue, small liquid viscosity and no solidification by heat, etc. It can be applied in the field of solid beverage and health food.

2、Fermentation industry

Soybean peptide can promote the growth and development of microorganisms, so it can be used to produce fermented foods such as yogurt, cheese, vinegar and soy sauce, and it can play the effect of improving production efficiency, stabilizing product quality and improving taste and flavor, in addition, the product can also be used to produce enzyme preparation

3、Cosmetic application

In recent years, natural medicine, natural therapy has begun to be recognized by western society, due to

Peptide has many advantages such as comprehensive nutrition, easy absorption, good water-holding, low allergenicity, etc. Therefore, soybean peptide can also be widely used in the field of nutritional cosmetics and nutritional source for injection.

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