Rennet 20,000 Vitality Cheese Yogurt Coagulation Plant Papaya Source 500g


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Chymosin is a kind of natural enzyme isolated and purified from the immature fruits of natural Papaya by bioengineering technology. Its molecular weight is 36000 and belongs to SH enzyme. It can promote the coagulation of dairy products and is widely used in the production of cheese and yogurt.

Chymosin can specifically cut into milk κ The peptide bond between phe105-et106 of casein destroys casein micelles to form hydrophilic glycomacropeptide. In the presence of calcium ion, the chemical bond between casein micelles finally forms clot or solidified milk.

It is easily soluble in water, and the water solution is a light yellow liquid.

Product Name: rennet

Main ingredients: rennet, glucose product specification: 20000 Soxhlet units (customizable) product character: milk yellow powder storage method: room temperature drying, dark storage, shelf life: 12 months

1. Cheese processing

Rennet is indispensable for cheese production

The preparation can effectively curd the milk to produce fresh cheese, shorten the ripening time of cheese, effectively control the hydrolysis of casein, prevent the excessive hydrolysis of casein to produce bitter peptide, reduce the loss of protein and fat, and increase the yield of cheese.

2. Yogurt processing

Chymosin extracted from animal stomach was used to promote the coagulation of dairy products, but the source of animal chymosin was unstable. At the same time, due to the consideration of race and belief, plant chymosin was more and more popular. It has great economic benefits.

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