Ribonuclease 5′-phosphodiesterase 12,000 Yeast Ribonuclease Food Grade


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Ribonuclease is a biological enzyme extracted by deep fermentation culture of selected Penicillium oryzae, and then refined by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum freeze-drying technology, which is a class of enzymes that can hydrolyze nucleic acid into 5 nucleotides in a directed manner, mainly used in yeast protein condiment processing.

The enzyme hydrolyzes nucleic acid (RNA) into 5-nucleotides (RNT), of which 5'-guanosine (GMP) is the main flavoring component. When used with deaminase, deaminase can also convert the unflavored component 5'monoadenylic acid (AMP) into 5'monoinosinic acid (IMP) for flavoring, resulting in a high (I+G) flavoring product.

Product name: Nuclease, 5'-phosphodiesterase main components: nuclease, glucose product specifications: 7000-50,000 U/g (can be customized) product properties: light yellow powder storage method: room temperature dry and protected from light storage shelf life: 12 months

1、High +G yeast extract nuclease can hydrolyze yeast nucleic acid into 5 a guanosine acid (GMP). Deaminase can hydrolyze yeast protein 5 adenosine acid into 5 inosine acid (IMP) to produce high (I+G) seasoning with strong freshness enhancement effect. It has the function of highlighting the main taste, improving the flavor and suppressing the off-flavor, and has the effect of increasing the sweetness and meat taste, and has the effect of eliminating into, acid, bitter, fishy and burnt taste.

2、Remove impurity gene

In the process of animal extraction, the residual genes often affect the purity of the product, adding nuclease in the process of purification can effectively remove the residual genes and produce high quality products, which can be applied to the extraction of sodium heparin, chondroitin sulfate, etc.

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