Neutral Protease Bacillus Subtilis Protease 50,000 U/g Flour-specific Endonuclease


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Neutral protease is a inscribe protease, which is refined and extracted by microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum freeze-drying technology after submerged fermentation culture of Bacillus subtilis 1398, with a molecular weight, it can be used for protein hydrolytic treatment such as food, medicine, feed, cosmetics, nutrition and health care products.

Neutral protease belongs to inscribe protease, which acts on the amino end of a hydrophobic group that forms the peptide bond. It is a metal protease whose activity depends on bivalent ion such as Mg +, Zn *, Ca *, etc. Compared with neutral protease from other sources, the specific catalytic speed is fast, the hydrolysis solution has less bitter taste, and the solution has a wide range of effects. Under the condition of pH neutral or weak acid and weak base, it can exert the best hydrolysis ability and decompose macromolecule protein into polypeptide, amino acid and other products, which is widely used in food processing industry.

The product is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is light brown liquid.

Product Name: neutral protease

ingredients: neutral protease, glucose product

specifications: 10 million -60 million U/g (customizable)

product characteristics: Ivory to light brown powder

preservation method: normal temperature drying and dark preservation

shelf life: 12 months

Neutral protease is used in the baking industry to make Cookie, which can reduce the mixing time and fermentation time of dough. Through the enzymatic reaction of protease biological active substances, the protein of dough is hydrolyzed into peptone, peptides and even amino acids weaken the dough strength at the same time, making it have good plasticity and extensibility, keeping clear and beautiful printing patterns. Improve the gloss of the finished product, make the Cookie cross section clear, the structure is uniform, and the taste is crisp and crisp.

Neutral protease is a non-toxic and non-side-effect protein, which can be applied to the hydrolysis of animal and vegetable proteins with high AN%, high hydrolysis degree and good taste, HAP and HVP that produce advanced condiments and food nutrition enhancers.

The application of neutral protease in beer industry can achieve good clarification effect, and can also be compounded with other enzyme systems to form beer complex enzyme, which has better clarification and bitter taste removal effect.

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